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3rd May 2010, 5:37 AM Dreamguard no more :(

Hey folks,

Unfortunately my petition to increase the day by 8 hours has failed, so I am not gonna be able to keep Dreamguard up....I tried to churn it out for as long as I could, but found that my other art stuff was suffering for it ([url=]insert plug for redbubble store here[/url]).  I probably could keep it up to some level, but not to the quality I want.

So for now at least, I'm gonna shelve it....thanks to all three of my subscribers (lol), I am gonna try and work on some more short-term stuff that I can chuck up here every now and then, because as much as I love doing [url=]Aimeski[/url], I want to do something other than comedy at some point as well...

Laters!  :)

15th Apr 2010, 6:47 AM Some changes..

When I started doing Dreamguard, I had decided I was gonna finish each issue before I uploaded it so that the story could be read all at once rather than in dribs and drabs.


I am wondering though if maybe that's not the best way of doing means that my comic is only really on the front page for the one day a month that I upload everything, so I'm not really getting great exposure....also, the thing I hadn't taken into account is that the newest page displays first, so it's kind of a massive spoiler for the latest issue when the first thing you see is the last page of the comic.  :P


So, keeping in line with what it looks like people generally do anyway, I am gonna upload the pages as I do them.  I am still aiming for one completed issue a month, but will put the individual pages up as I go.  I figure it's easy enough for readers to just skip back and read the whole thing in one sitting once the issue's finished if they want.


Also, I am gonna start posting up some character sketches and some stuff to help give the Dreamguard universe a bit of life....once I get time to sit down and do it...maybe I can bribe someone to put an extra 12 hours in the day...  ;)


Hope all y'all are enjoying the ride!  Holler with any suggestions!  :D